A STUDENT is horrified after her university halls threw out all of her belongings in the rubbish. 

Brighton University student Hannah Mullins, 21, was told her belongings at Kaplan Living’s site in Circus Street would be kept safe after students had to leave the dorm amid lockdown measures in March. 

But, when Ms Mullins returned to the building yesterday afternoon to collect her items, she found her room totally bare and was told to look through the trash for her belongings by staff. 

The Argus:

“I’ve lost everything I own,” Ms Mullins said.

“My ashes of my dog that sadly passed two years ago, family pictures that were 20 years old, my sentimental items from when I was a baby I took with me for comfort.”

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Video captures the moment heaps of black sacks filled with what appears to be student belongings, including clothes, shoes,  and even passport scans - were dumped in the hallway for Ms Mullins to rifle through. 

But devastated Ms Mullins, who had booked yesterday afternoon as a slot to pick up her belongings, said all her items were nowhere to be found. 

The items which were binned included her medication, prescriptions, personal details and bank statements.

She said: “We were told to book a slot as our belongings were supposed to be kept safe in the room.

“I’ve lost £4,000 worth of things, at least. Personal items that cannot be replaced, photos, clothes, shoes, and money.

“I had £1,000 worth of graphic design stuff for the course.”

The Argus:

Kaplan Living say only two students have been affected but Ms Mullins believes there are many more.

Were you affected by this? Email jody.doherty-cove@theargus.co.uk

“As I was in the bin room they were bringing out trolleys of people’s items,” she said. 

“I saw them go into five rooms in front of me.”

A spokesman for the University of Brighton said: “The accommodation in question is not owned or managed by the University of Brighton and we had no prior knowledge that any student’s possessions would be treated in the way described. 

“The university has sought an urgent explanation from Kaplan Living and will be offering its full support to all affected students as they seek appropriate redress.”

A spokeswoman for Kaplan Living said: “Since mid-June when lockdown was eased, Kaplan Living Brighton have been working closely with the many students who returned home early before the end of term due to the Covid-19 pandemic in order to arrange for them to come back and collect their belongings.

“We became aware today that two rooms had been cleared in error and we are currently investigating how that could have happened.

“This should not have occurred and we offer our sincere apologies to the two students affected. We have reached out to the two students affected and will of course compensate them for the loss of any items that have been cleared.”