TESCO is removing netting at its superstore after an uproar over dead pigeons.

Horrified shoppers say they have seen deceased birds trapped in netting above the store in Church Road, Hove.

The netting was put up outside the Tesco as a way of keeping pigeons out.

But the birds have got inside and been left trapped, either being injured or starving to death.

Customers have reported seeing several carcasses hanging above the store.

The Argus:

Tesco removed the netting today following uproar and a protest on Saturday.

Activists from Brighton Animal Rights Collective gathered to demonstrate outside the building and held signs such as “Tesco Kill Pigeons”.

The group said: “We dread to think how long they were left there to suffer.

“The peaceful protest on Saturday was to further draw attention to these dangerous nets and the suffering of these animals and to ask Tesco to do something about the nets to help those already suffering and any future suffering they may cause.

“No one deserves to be treated this way and there are many more humane ways which do not involve suffering and death to deter pigeons if absolutely necessary, this netting is not one of them.

“We ask that Tesco take accountability for their actions and apologise for the distress they have caused and the lives they have taken as well as taking further action to prevent any future suffering.

“We hope that this also sends a loud and clear message to all local businesses that treating wildlife like this is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.”

The Argus:

The RSPCA said it has been contacted about the store and said officers have visited managers “on several occasions” to “urge the store management to resolve this issue as a priority”.

The charity said: “There are some circumstances where netting can be an effective means of keeping birds off structures, however, it’s vitally important that any netting is properly installed and maintained and it must be monitored.

“If netting is not checked and maintained, there is a risk of birds suffering and dying from injury or starvation.”

The team at Tesco is now assessing the roof space to decide what the next steps are.