A DRUG driver ploughed into a cyclist at 100mph the morning after an alcohol and cocaine “bender”.

Mathew Gardiner downed up to 20 pints and shots of whisky and took drugs before refusing offers to stay over at a friend’s home in St Leonards.

The 35-year-old had not been to sleep and was seven times the legal limit for cocaine, a court heard.

He hit cyclist Antoney Colley, 53, who was riding home safely after a night working on the door at The Sussex Exchange pub in St Leonards.

Mr Colley was killed instantly in the devastating crash in Coombe Valley Way A2690 in Hastings.

The Argus:

At Lewes Crown Court yesterday, Gardiner admitted causing death by dangerous driving.

While on bail, he carried out a “sickening” attack on one of his best pals in Hastings. Again he was drunk and punched Jonathan Rainbow repeatedly in the eyes, leaving him unconscious on the floor.

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CCTV footage showed Gardiner then casually lifting his friend off the floor to retrieve his bag and walking off without any concern.

Mr Rainbow was left blinded in his left eye and with life-changing injuries in his other eye.

Gardiner, of Preston Road, Bexhill, admitted the attack.

The Argus:

Judge Christine Laing QC imposed a 13-year sentence, which includes seven and a half years for causing death by dangerous driving and three years for assault, with an extra three years on licence.

Rachel Beckett, prosecuting, said Mr Colley wore high-vis jackets and trousers and was known as “Mr Safety”, but was killed instantly at 6.15am on May 26 last year.

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Motorists on the Coombe Valley Way said Gardiner’s blue Vauxhall Astra “came out of nowhere” at high speed.

One said: “I heard the impact of the collision and saw debris and flying dust,” a witness said. “I was shocked. It should never have happened on such a wide, empty road.”

The Argus:

At the scene Gardiner said: “I’m a f****** drink driver, I don’t learn, I was doing a ton, I f***** up and I’ve taken a man’s life.

Mr Colley’s widow Janice Colley said: “When I heard a knock on the door, my life changed for ever. When the two officers asked to come inside I knew he was dead. I felt numb, I was devastated.

“I had to break the news to his family in Gambia about how someone had decided to behave so irresponsibly and dangerously. What right did you have to get in that car?”

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