A LARGE climate change protest banner has been hung on a pier overnight.

The 22 metre-wide banner, which was put up by campaign group Extinction Rebellion, reads "Climate Emergency: our house is on fire" and was spotted early this morning on the West Pier in Brighton.

In March 2003, the pier was gutted by a fire which destroyed the main building and left only remains of the steel structure's framework, which has since suffered from rust and decay. 

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The pier remains a popoular subject for photographers.

An Extinction Rebellion spokesman said: "The banner seeks to draw attention to where our current society is headed if we don’t rapidly start dealing with the climate crisis.

The Argus:

"This fire needs to be put out before we pass the point of no return and experience runaway feedback loops.

"We must prevent the impending climate and ecological breakdown, especially with its disproportionate effect on minority communities.

"Today we sound the alarm. We call for us all to be firefighters for future generations."

The environmental activist group are set to hold a range of demonstrations across the country this weekend as campaigners prepare for a new "uprising".

A large "We All Want to Live" march is taking place today in central Brighton, with protesters meeting at the Pavilion Gardens at midday.

Brighton and Hove Buses said there is likely to be delays to services while protesters march through the city.

A "Procession for the Planet" funeral march is also due to be held in Lewes, while a fancy dress tea party is planned at Gatwick Airport.

Extinction Rebellion activists from Brighton will begin a six-day effort to push a 20ft model lightship to London to join a "national rebellion" in the capital.

The lightship, named Greta after teenage activist Greta Thunberg, is used by the campaigners to symbolise “sounding the alarm about the climate crisis”.