A WELL-BEING service aims to help students as they return to school.

Research has shown that more than a third of pupils have anxiety about returning to school after six months at home.

The YMCA DownsLink Group and Sussex Partnership NHS Trust have added resources to their e-wellbeing service to help schools support students struggling with their mental health following the coronavirus lockdown.

Dr Celia Lesquerre, consultant clinical Psychologist and Head of Clinical Development at the YMCA DownsLink Group, said: “Unfortunately, we are now learning that at least a third of children and young people are reporting an increase in difficulties, particularly regarding their mental health and wellbeing issues.

“In a YouGov poll, and research carried out by Barnardo’s, they have found that children are feeling lonelier (41 per cent), more worried (38 per cent), sadder (37 per cent) and more stressed (34 per cent).

“Children and young people are likely to have mixed emotions about returning to school.

“For some children, the absence or reduction of social contact during lockdown may leave them feeling overwhelmed and overstimulated to begin with.

“They may have lost confidence in their social skills and feel worried about friendships having moved on.

“Others could be worrying about the academic element of school and worry that they have fallen behind in their learning.

“Depending on how they have been spending their time, they may also find the adjustment back into a school routine that much harder, having been off for such a long time.”

To access the resources, visit www.e-wellbeing.co.uk/schools.