A WOMAN was left with blood pouring from her eyebrow after a glass was thrown at her in a bar.

Clara Raboude was with friends at the Anjelique Bar in Crawley when they were attacked.

Sabrina Marshall tipped her drink over Anaelle Naomi Fabre on the dance floor.

When questioned why, the row erupted into violence as 25-year-old Marshall punched Ms Fabre in the face.

Then as security guards arrived, she hurled the empty glass at Ms Fabre but missed, hitting Ms Raboude instead.

Ms Raboude said the pain was “excruciating” as she was led away in front of shocked onlookers.

She has a scar which has affected her confidence.

At Lewes Crown Court, Marshall admitted wounding and assault.

Judge Mark Van Der Zwart imposed an eight-month suspended prison sentence.

Rachel Beckett, prosecuting, said the incident happened on November 30 into December 1 last year.

She said the two victims had not had any contact with the defendant or even noticed her prior to the violence.

Marshall poured a drink over Ms Fabre on the dancefloor.

Ms Beckett said: “She asked the defendant why she had poured a drink over her and then the defendant punched her in the face.

“The defendant tried to punch her again but others intervened.

“She still had a drinks glass in her hand which she threw that hit Ms Raboude in the face.

“It was out of nowhere, and Ms Raboude felt sudden, immediate pain.

“She put her hand to her face and felt blood rushing down. She was in excruciating pain.”

Ms Raboude said it has left her fearful and afraid of returning to the bar in Crawley High Street.

She had to have stitches, and the wound has so far remained visible, leaving her confidence affected.

Sean Sullivan, defending, suggested there had been “tension” between groups of women earlier in the night.

He said: “She does not seek to excuse her behaviour. Whatever the individual cause, she failed to deal with it properly.”

Marshall, of St Jones Close, Crawley, had been drinking that night.

“She was in a place and situation she couldn’t cope with and responded entirely inappropriately,” Mr Sullivan said.

The court was told the attack was “out of character” as Marshall has no previous conditions.

She has been dealing with mental health issues caused by a “traumatic” incident in her life.

Mr Sullivan added: “She regrets her behaviour, which is highly unlikely to occur again in future.”

The judge imposed a suspended sentence and ordered Marshall to complete 150 hours of unpaid work and ten rehabilitation sessions.

Marshall was also banned from going to Anjelique Bar for two years.

The judge said: “Two young women were assaulted in this bar, one with her eyebrow gashed.

“They will be wondering why on earth you are not going to prison. Most people in their shoes would think the same.

“This was a nasty and unpleasant attack which will leave one victim scarred for life.

“Your mental health had deteriorated because of an abusive relationship and an intensely traumatic incident when you were younger.

“That incident in your past will be worth discussing in order to address why you committed these offences.”