A SUPERCAR was badly damaged in a late-night crash.

The unoccupied McLaren 570S Spider S-A was parked in the Lyndhurst Road area of Hove when it was struck by a passing Peugeot 307 shortly before 10.45pm on Friday.

Similar models of the sports car are currently listed on automotive marketplace Auto Trader for more than £100,000.

Emergency services were called to the scene after the Peugeot smashed into the McLaren,with the car also hitting a parked BMW M140i before crashing into the front of a house and coming to rest in a front garden.

The Argus:

A witness described seeing a large number of police, fire and ambulance crews at the scene, adding that the battered Peugeot had "L" plates attached to it.

Sussex Police say that the driver of the Peugeot was uninjured but the passenger suffered minor bruising to his leg.

An 18-year-old man from Hove has been reported for careless driving and driving without valid insurance or in accordance with a licence.