A CONCESSIONARY measure to provide 24-hour bus travel for older people has reverted to its original scheme.

Brighton and Hove City Council introduced the temporary 24-hour extension for older bus pass holders on March 20 to allow safe and convenient journeys in the height of the lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Older people were able to use their bus passes to travel early in the morning, when many supermarkets were offering special shopping time slots for the most vulnerable due to food shortages.


The older person’s bus pass times have now been changed back to the hours between 9am and 4am so that fewer vulnerable people will be travelling on the same buses as children and teenagers now that pupils have returned to school.

The aim is to protect older people who are at higher risk from coronavirus.

A council spokesman said: “We have supported the return to school with increased capacity and funding for dedicated school bus services.

“Despite this, many pupils still need to use the commercial bus routes to get to school for 9am.

“One of the council’s key priorities is to protect the health of our most vulnerable residents from Covid-19.

“Reverting the hours for the 24-hour concessionary travel to holders of an older person’s bus pass is designed to reduce the number of older and younger age groups mixing in the busy morning commute time.”

Those with an older person’s bus pass can still travel on city buses between 9am and 4am on weekdays and all day on weekends and bank holidays. However, 24-hour bus travel remains in place for Brighton and Hove disabled person’s pass holders, the council said.