THIS week I started putting some of the garden to bed for the winter. I cleared out the summer house and started to store some of my garden furniture, sculpture and decorations away.

It was full of cobwebs and spiders having not been used much this summer.

Next on the to do list is the greenhouse, once all the tomatoes have finished producing fruit. I can afford to wait a couple more weeks but will need to ensure it is ready to store my large collection of aeoniums by the end of the month.

I have to say they are looking pretty elegant in the garden against the side of the summer house, in the special raised bed and sitting on top of a border near the house.

They are such easy plants to look after as long as you can protect them through the winter months.

I’ve had lots of new growth on many of my older plants, so once I move them, I’ll be taking many new cuttings too to increase my stock next year and probably sell a few as well.

Because they don’t need a lot of soil, they make great container plants and look great in stylish indoor or outdoor planters. The best time to repot them is in the autumn, during their active growing season.

When re-potting, make sure they have time to acclimatise to their new pot before watering them. This gives them a chance to root and helps prevent root rot. Do remember that their branches are pretty fragile and have a tendency to break, so be careful when handling them.

However, if a few branches pop off, don’t worry. You can leave them to scab over for a few days and then replant them. They should take root and form brand new plants. You should only water your aeoniums when the top layer of soil feels pretty dry.

The National Garden Scheme is coming towards the end of its 2020 season. There are two gardens you could book to visit this weekend. Knightsbridge House in Hellingly is opening tomorrow, Saturday, and South Grange in Northiam, near Rye, on both days over the weekend. You can book your timeslot and check all the details at Next week sees the scheme encouraging any garden owner to hold a socially distanced Great British Garden Party for family, friends and neighbours with a view to try and help them recoup some of the losses incurred this year due to Covid-19. You can read all about it on the website and there’s still time to take part if you want.

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