A BURGLAR left fingerprints at the scene of his latest theft.

Billy Kent was caught out after raiding a property in Bexhill Road in Hastings in June.

The victim awoke overnight to find an iPad, cash, and tobacco had been taken from the property overnight.

A kitchen window and all the kitchen drawers had been opened, while the bins at the front had been moved.

Police forensics found 20-year-old Kent’s fingerprint on the frame of the kitchen window.

At Lewes Crown Court Kent, of Wishing Tree Road, St Leonards, admitted burglary and was jailed for three years.

PC Ciaran Gaymer said: “Burglary can be a devastating crime. It is not just about the items that were taken, it can leave victims feeling uneasy after knowing someone broke into their home - which should be a place of safety.

“We are pleased the courts acknowledged the impact this crime has had by serving Kent with a three year sentence.”

Advice on preventing burglary can be found on the Sussex Police website.

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