IT IS almost 25 years since a band of railway enthusiasts clubbed together in support of their beloved line.

On September 16 1995, devoted fans of the Volk’s Electric Railway on Brighton seafront gathered at the Pavilion Theatre and formally established the Volk’s Electric Railway Association (Vera). They sought to look after the railway and gather artefacts relating to the work of the pioneering electrical engineer Magnus Volk.

The idea of a supporters group was suggested by the city council and encouraged by the Railway’s Manager Stuart Strong.

Volunteers have been behind projects including the relaying of special passing loops and the track at the new Heritage Lottery-funded sheds near Banjo Groyne. Last year, VERA became a registered charity. In normal times, gangs of skilled volunteers can be seen at work in all weather fulfilling the original aims of the Association.

The coronavirus crisis has postponed celebrations that were supposed to take place this year, but it’s hoped they will be able to go ahead in 2021.