A HARROWING 999 call by a woman trying to save a young stab victim’s life was played to a jury in a murder trial.

Ollie Wells died after being stabbed in the head and back in Elphick Road, Newhaven.

Paramedics were called to the scene on January 6 this year as a woman desperately tried to save the 18-year-old.

Another teenager, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, is standing trial accused of Ollie’s murder.

Sarah Jones QC, prosecuting, opened the case at Hove Crown Court last week and said the young defendant had “cruelly murdered” Ollie.

She played the 999 call made by a woman at the scene who carried our CPR while on the phone to the ambulance call centre.

The woman said: “He has been stabbed in the head, please hurry. He is unconscious.”

In reply the operator asked the woman: “Is he breathing?”

“Just,” the woman replied, and added: “He is not breathing normally.”

At the scene, the defendant is also heard on the telephone and was “reluctant” to help the woman, Ms Jones said.

The woman did CPR mostly by herself, apart from for about 15 seconds during the phone call lasting several minutes.

She told the defendant: “Hold the phone please, otherwise he will die.”

But it was only her voice which could be heard continuing CPR treatment, and she made several pleas to the defendant begging him for help.

Ms Jones told the jury that this key piece of evidence showed the truth of what happened at Elphick Road that night.

When the call operator asked the woman if the defendant had stabbed Ollie deliberately, she replied: “In a frenzy.”

Detectives and crime scene investigators also gave their evidence to the jury this week.

Ms Jones previously told the court that the young defendant denies murder and claims he acted in self-defence.

She said the stab wound Ollie had suffered to his head was made with “severe” force, leaving him on the floor in a pool of blood.

Moments before the stabbing Ms Jones said the woman saw the defendant attacking Ollie.

The accused is set to claim he acted in self-defence and was afraid of a “group of lads” in a car seen entering the street and shouting to him and Ollie.

Ms Jones told the jury the defendant could not account for how he had stabbed Ollie in the back.

The defendant denies murder. The trial continues.