A FOUL-MOUTHED thug has been sent to prison for antisocial behaviour and abuse in a town centre.

Tobias Denyer caused misery in Eastbourne town centre by swearing at people.

He was previously ordered by a court not to enter the town centre under a Criminal Behaviour Order.

It followed a similar order which banned the 38-year-old from Brighton city centre, where he was a regular nuisance.

In October last year Denyer was convicted of racist harassment in the city and told to stay away.

The Argus:

Tobias Denyer pictured leaving Brighton Magistrates' Court

So he moved to Eastbourne, and in January an order banning him from the town centre was made.

In August, The Argus reported how he was still causing chaos, and yesterday (September 14) the patience of the courts finally ran out.

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Denyer appeared at Hastings Magistrates’ Court where he was jailed for nine months.

Previously, The Argus revealed how the tattoo-faced thug has racked-up so many convictions that it would take him 15 years to pay off all his court debts and fines.

The Argus:

Tobias Denyer pictured leaving Brighton Magistrates' Court, again

He was the man responsible for burgling Burger King in North Street, Brighton. He barged his way past a door into the service area, took two burgers, then vaulted the counter back to enjoy his snack while spouting abuse.

Courts have heard repeatedly about him spouting racist bile at members of the public, shop security guards and police.

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In August last year Denyer, formerly of Langney Road, Eastbourne, owed £2,768 and had more than 40 previous convictions.

It was hoped he would turn his life around away from Brighton, and he was ordered to complete six months' worth of alcohol dependency treatment.

Courts have heard how he has battle addictions with alcohol and drugs.

But despite being given the chance, he once again continued to repeat his antisocial antics on the streets of Eastbourne.

The Argus:

On September 12 Denyer was again arrested in Grove Road, Eastbourne for swearing and abusing passers-by.

PC Franklin Lester said: “We have repeatedly worked with Denyer to reduce his offending but he does not appear to take the advice we and partner agencies have offered him.

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"He has left us no choice but to arrest him and apply for him to be remanded in custody.

"We hope he can have a period of reflection and will be released with a change in his attitude and the way he treats others.

"Residents and visitors should be able to go about their daily lives without fear of unprovoked abuse by Denyer”.