I BELONG to a bowling club in Vicarage Gardens in Preston Village and all the time we have crowds of young people gathering on the green, 10 to 20 sometimes.

They've been playing football, riding bikes, climbing up to the roof of the club house. New meeting rules came in on Monday, no more than six people to gather together at  one time. When you speak to them you just get abuse  and answers saying we always meet together.

It doesn't matter what rules the government puts in place to try to cut Covid-19 and trying to keep  people safe the young people are not interested.

It's nothing to do with us but it is because if you don't comply and listen to the government guidelines Covid-19 will be around longer and it will be killing more people, and I Hope not but it could  be a member of your family, so please it's not just the time to think of yourself but of everybody.

David Marsh

Surrenden Road


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