I note the Argus has an article about the Radio 2 breakfast presenter, Zoe Ball, a nice lady, I am sure. Her salary has just risen by £1m.

It is alleged that Gary Lineker is paid over a million by the BBC-for what? He probably earns just as much again doing adverts.

I don’t blame these two people for this amount of money, if I was offered this amount, I would take it, so would everyone else.

However, the BBC are not spending their money, these massive wages are being paid by ME and every reader of The Argus plus millions more.

I know a bit about football, I can talk the hind legs off a donkey, I would do his job at a normal week's pay.

I would also probably be able to do Zoe Ball ‘s job too.

I think I could do her job. Play a few records, read a few letters, I do that now at home. A second week’s wages, Yippee, I would be rich.

But the money, as we know isn’t theirs, it is mine, yours and everybody else’s

It is the-same as local councils and the Government, they don’t have money, it is all ours. They are all guilty of wasting millions of pounds, wasting our money

I have just sent a cheque for £157.40p to pay for my TV Licence, as I don’t wish to be fined. I hope both Zoe Ball, Gary Lineker and all the other over paid staff appreciate my contribution towards their luxury lifestyle. I know many people who have to live on a meagre sum of money, in fact may I suggest we all know these people.

I appreciate the fact that Lineker has just agreed to take a pay cut. Was he feeling guilty or perhaps he now has enough money to see him through to his end.

Hopefully, although I have bumbled through this, I hope I have got my point across?

David Rowland

Telscombe Cliffs