ONE of the county’s most wanted men has been jailed after punching a victim to ground in Brighton.

Kamil Kaminski left the 39-year-old man with head injuries and a fractured eye socket in a brutal attack at the Co-op supermarket in St James’s Street in July.

For months, the 22-year-old evaded the police, who put out a £500 reward for information.

Now, Kaminski is behind bars. He was arrested on September 11, and appeared at Brighton Magistrates’ Court on Saturday, where he pleaded guilty to assault.

He was sentenced to 42 weeks in prison following a string of offences in Elmore Road on April 2, including taking a moped without the owner’s consent, ignoring traffic signals, and driving without insurance.

He also admitted forging a driving licence.

Kaminski was banned from driving or applying for a driving licence for 16 months and ordered to pay £500 compensation.

Detective Inspector Ian Still said: “We were looking for Kaminski for a number of weeks and he thought he could evade us but as this result shows we were determined to pursue him and bring him to justice.”