MORRISONS has explained why packs of eggs in liquid were spotted on the supermarket's shelves.

The huge bags were spotted in the meal deal section earlier this week.

Twitter user @TrumpetSexy revealed the offering yesterday, writing: "My local Morrisons is selling actual sacks of wet eggs.

"This is the most wretched and cursed item I have ever witnessed."

In a follow-up Tweet, the user added: "Also it’s in the meal deal section, which implies this is considered lunch?

"Does this count as a main, or a snack??

"I have so many questions, and no answers."

The tweet quickly received 94.7k likes and has been retweeted and quote-tweeted more than 16k times.

One Twitter user responded: "This is disgusting. Who would buy that?"

And another replied: "Makes me feel sick to look at it let alone the smell when you open the bag and then someone is actually going to eat them!"

But others on the social media platform were more concerned by the labelling.

One posted: "I have but one question: WHY DOES IT SAY 5 BOILED EGGS?

"There must be about 50 in there."

And another also shared their concern with series of frantic questions: "Why does it say 5 boiled eggs when clearly there are at least 20?

"Why can I smell this through the screen?

The Argus:

"Why does the preservative look like urine?"

Another Morrisons shopper found hard-boiled eggs in packs of six in a west London store and said: "Wimbledon was full of them yesterday.

"They must have found some bags."

Morrisons said the eggs are usually prepared for its salad bar, but sometimes it offers them to customers directly.

A spokesperson said: "These boiled eggs are prepared for our salad bar.

"Sometimes, rather than wasting them, we offer them to customers directly."

And the company responded on Twitter, writing: "You see a cursed item but all I see is a bargain."