A TEENAGER has been found guilty of murder after stabbing another boy in the street.

Ollie Wells, aged 18, was stabbed with “severe force” in the head and in the back in Elphick Road, Newhaven, on January 6.

He was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics.

A piece of the knife was left wedged 13cm deep into his brain.

The boy who killed him cannot be identified for legal reasons, but was found guilty at Hove Crown Court.

He claimed he acted in self defence and felt Ollie had “brought trouble” to him over a group of lads in a car in the street.

The youth said he had gone to fetch a knife in a bid to scare them off.

He claimed he had “forgotten” he was carrying a knife when he stabbed Ollie and told the court his decision to carry it would be one he regrets for the rest of his life.

But Sarah Jones QC, prosecuting, said the boy’s case was “ludicrous” and the jury rejected his claim he acted in self defence.

She said Ollie had no signs of defensive injuries, suggesting the youth had stabbed him in the back first and then in the head.

Previously a harrowing 999 call made by a woman to the ambulance service was played to jurors.

The woman said the youth had stabbed Ollie “in a frenzy”.

During the call, she is heard desperately trying to save the teenager’s life, while the defendant appeared “reluctant” to do anything to help.

Ms Jones QC said: “Both were young men and should have had their lives ahead of them.

“But the defendant stabbed Ollie Wells twice. Once in the head and once in the back, and in so doing killed him.

“Mr Wells was pronounced dead at the scene, a young man lost his life and was cruelly murdered by another young man.”

She said the woman had seen the defendant with the bloody knife and said the witness’s account was both “compelling and horrifying”.

The jury heard how the young defendant was seen as the “aggressor” in the case. Moments before the stabbing the two had fought, with the youth striking the crouching Ollie with a letterbox and his fists.

As Ollie walked away, the youth ran to fetch a knife.

Now the youth has been told he faces sentencing by Judge Jeremy Gold QC in the morning.