MORE than a third of workers in Brighton fear they will still be working when they are 71 or older.

A poll of those in employment in cities across the UK found 31 per cent of workers in Brighton are worried they will still have to keep going after they hit retirement age, which is currently 65. 

In 2026, the retirement age will be 67. 

This puts Brighton at the top of the list of cities where people are concerned they will not be able to retire before 71, while one in ten workers in the city do not think they will ever be able to stop, according to the research by finance experts at

The study also showed one in four workers in the UK has changed their pension plans due to coronavirus, as they either look to increase payments to try to save for the future or reduce monthly inputs due to economic hardship.

Persinal finance expert Salman Haqqi said: “The thought of having to work every day for the rest of your life is a pretty bleak one, but it is the reality facing many workers across the country as the financial aftermath of coronavirus undoubtably impacts our future retirement plans.

“Despite millions being eligible for a state pension, and despite paying for it through National Insurance contributions, the majority of us are not relying on it.

“Our data also revealed that 40 per cent of people didn’t understand how to go about obtaining their pension, even though they had one.

"Planning ahead, understanding your pension options and saving as much as you can afford to budget for, really is the only way to ensure you future proof your finances.”