A LORRY driver who killed a motorist on the road has avoided another prison sentence after admitting a second crash which left a woman badly injured.

Cary Gordon, from Worthing, caused the death of Christopher Alderton on the A24 at Dial Post in 2012.

The 58-year-old truck driver hit Mr Alderton’s Nissan Micra, leaving the victim with catastrophic head injuries.

He died a week later.

It has sparked calls for tougher sentences on killer drivers, with Mr Alderton’s mother Brenda saying Gordon should not have been back behind the wheel.

Gordon admitted causing death by careless driving and was at first jailed for six months, but this was cut to 16 weeks in prison on appeal.

The Argus:

Cary Gordon was jailed in 2012 - scroll down for video

It meant he did not have to take another HGV driving test.

Then in August last year, horrifying dashcam footage showed Gordon staring down at his mobile seconds before smashing into the back of a stricken car at more than 50mph.

The middle-aged woman suffered a broken back and has had months of rehabilitation and treatment.

Gordon, of Oakleigh Road, Worthing, appeared before Oxford Crown Court where he was given a 14-month suspended sentence for dangerous driving.

He was ordered to complete 150 hours of unpaid work, pay £425 in costs, and told he was banned from driving for two years. He must also complete an extended re-test before he is allowed to drive again.

Following the second crash, Mr Alderton’s mother Brenda, 81, from Suffolk, has called for a change in the law to stop killer HGV drivers getting back on the road.

She said: “How can a convicted killer like this be free to get back behind the wheel again to cause more carnage?

“Professional drivers who kill innocent people should be banned from lorry driving for life.

The Argus:

Christopher Alderton was killed

“How can anyone employ a driver who has killed someone? I have lost my only son. Another family have had their lives devastated and yet this man hasn’t even been jailed for his second offence. It’s a miracle no one was killed again.

“Christopher never stood a chance. This man tried to claim it was an accident and there was nothing he could do.

“But there are no excuses when you are driving a lorry with the potential to cause so much damage. The law must be changed before any more lives are lost.”

The Argus:

Dashcam footage recorded Gordon at the wheel before the second crash

Mr Alderton, 30, had just finished a children’s book when he was killed which his devastated mother Brenda published “As The Balloon Blows By” as a tribute to her only son with the help of an illustrator and his three sisters.

Joshua Harris, of road safety charity Brake, said: “Shockingly lenient sentences like this disrespect road crash victims and do a disservice to our nation’s justice system. How can it be right that there is no jail term after such appallingly negligent driving?”

The Argus:

Gordon approached the broken-down vehicle and was looking at a device when he hit the car at 50mph

“New tougher sentences announced by the government last week must be brought in as an urgent priority but we must also make sure dangerous drivers are banned from driving.

“Driving is a privilege not a right and those that can’t do so safely should not be allowed to endanger others.”

PC David Burleigh of Thames Valley Police said: “I would hope that this incident is yet another example to people as to why you should put your devices to one side and focus on driving.”

The Argus:

This was the scene after the second crash

“This incident highlights the seriousness of driving whilst distracted. The dangers it poses to road users and the ability to be in complete control of your vehicle when distracted.

“The victim is lucky to have only sustained the injuries she has but has had to go through months of rehabilitation. The emotional stress and ability to overcome the crash is testament to her strength and character.

“With the victim’s consent we hope this footage will help to educate and prevent further incidents like this from happening in the future.”

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