A MOVIE-LOVING father found a creative way to keep his energetic daughter from boredom during the coronavirus crisis.

Film buff Martin Curd from Lancing said his daughter Lacey-May, 9, was desperate to go out during the height of the lockdown.

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The 53-year-old said: “Myself and Lacey-May’s mum are separated and I really wanted her not to be bored and to look forward to coming round as I love her to bits.

“I had her for whole days during lockdown as I was furloughed and she was itching to go out as she’s really energetic.

“One idea we came up with was to recreate classic movie posters as it was something we could do at home as a little project.

“It seems silly but it kept us occupied.”

Martin and Lacey-May have recreated posters for 11 films so far, including Jaws, Titanic, ET and Platoon.

The pair enjoyed the challenge so much that they continued to recreate the posters after lockdown rules were relaxed.

Martin made use of items from around the house to use as props in the movie posters, including an iron which became the ship in their version of Titanic, and toy soldiers which became background figures in the recreated poster of 1986 Vietnam war film Platoon.

Martin said: “The one that took the longest was Jaws because it was on my kitchen floor and we had to really make it look like Lacey-May was swimming.

“We used my duvet cover for the ocean and the sky is my actual duvet.

“I have a large collection of Jack Daniels memorabilia – I think it's probably one of the largest on the south coast – and I found a box which was exactly the right shape for the shark’s head.”

Martin said that Lacey-May loved stepping into roles such as Clint Eastwood’s character in the 1965 spaghetti western For a Few Dollars More.

He said: “She really enjoyed doing them. We’re hoping to do a few more, even though she’s now back at school.”


1 ET

2 Fight Club

3 A Few Dollars More

4 Jaws

5 Platoon

6 Titanic