A MAN punched his girlfriend in the face and threw a television at her after rowing about a remote control.

Jordan Ross launched the assault on Jade Moss-Mythem in Eastbourne.

The 25-year-old argued with her where he was staying at a hotel in Pevensey Road in January.

When she wanted to leave he told her: “If you run off, no one will help you.”

An argument started over a remote control, then thug Ross hurled a television and mattress at her, and chased her with a chair.

In a corridor he punched her several times as she screamed for help.

At Hove Crown Court Ross appeared for conviction over inflicting actual bodily harm and was jailed for 18 months.

The Argus:

The case was heard in Hove

It was revealed he had also robbed hotel residents Hannah Taylor and Jordan Oak in April this year for tobacco.

He had burst into their room while drunk, despite their efforts to keep him out, then demanded drugs.

Ross told Mr Oak he would “smash him up”.

Then in a separate incident, police were called to the hotel over claims Ross was feeling suicidal.

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He threw the contents of a bottle over one officer, and when backup arrived he punched PC Luke Williams to the face.

Sophie Evans, prosecuting, told the court that Ross had also stolen a mobile phone from Vicky Roper in 2018. She had been sat on a park bench with him, and had put her phone down beside her.

When distracted, he took it from her, then pretended to help her look for it. But he was arrested and found to have the stolen phone.

Ross, of Pevensey Road, Eastbourne, admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm, assaulting an emergency worker, theft, and robbery.

The Argus:

Jordan Ross was jailed

Hannah Hurley, defending, said Ross has struggled with mental health issues since he was a young teenager following the death of his mother and father.

He was brought up in care by his sister, and developed an alcohol problem.

Ross had been seeking to train as a builder and get a settled home, she said.

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Judge Paul Tain said: “This case is not an uncommon situation. You are a person who could be characterised as a nasty drunk. When not drinking, one would say ‘he is ok’ but when you consume alcohol you are capable of acts of violence.”

Ross was put under a restraining order not to contact the victims.

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