THE MOTHER of a murdered boy has spoken of her grief after a teenager was jailed for life.

Ollie Wells was stabbed twice by his best friend Trent Hutchinson in Elphick Road, Newhaven.

He died at the scene outside the property, aged 18.

On Friday, Hutchinson was jailed for life and will have to serve a minimum of 14 years before he can be considered for parole.

Ollie’s family said they were “devastated” by the news when they were told he had been killed.

The Argus:

Ollie Wells was murdered

They supported The Argus’s bid to lift the anonymity of Hutchinson, and hope it serves as an example of the dangers of carrying and using knives.

Ollie’s mother Sue Wells said she has had abuse from online bullies over her son’s death, and said she had been told by her daughter Sophie about what had happened from a post on Facebook.

At Hove Crown Court her statement was read by prosecution barrister Sarah Jones QC at Hutchinson’s sentencing hearing.

She said: “Losing a child is one of the worst things that can happen to anyone. All my memories are now painful ones.

“I never stopped loving and fighting for Ollie. My life will never be the same again.”

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Previously Ollie’s family said: “Ollie was a much loved member of our family.

“He had autism and faced many challenges which left him vulnerable and he was often misunderstood by others.

“Due to his autism, Ollie had substantial needs which meant that over the last couple of years we were not able to care for him within the family home, however he was loved dearly and will be greatly missed by us all.”

He had been homeless and was sleeping in a derelict property in Elphick Road, Newhaven before his friend Trent, now 17, invited him to stay in October 2019.

The two were very similar and had similar interests, it was revealed.

The Argus:

Trent Hutchinson invited Ollie to stay

Hutchinson’s mother Rita, however, was surprised to find Ollie living at her home after returning from a holiday in Lisbon.

She agreed to let him stay, and Ollie would often spend three nights a week in the home.

Mrs Hutchinson, who had battled to save Ollie’s life in the moments after the stabbing, described him as a polite boy.

She told 999 operators that her son had stabbed Ollie “in a frenzy”, and was praised by Judge Jeremy Gold QC for her humanity and honesty to help the dying teenager.

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Ollie’s father Ray Wells and brother Timothy viewed Ollie’s body to identify him. They said they would never be able to forget the image.

But Mr Wells said Ollie was a “delightful and engaging” lad.

He said: “The tragedy and distress has drawn us all together as a family in grief and love.”

The Argus:

The scene in Elphick Road and Ship Street in Newhaven

Ollie’s siblings Daniel, Elizabeth, Sophie, Annie and Victoria all gave statements to the court, describing the anxiety they now feel, the regrets, and sense of an “enormous absence”.

Meanwhile foster family member Claire Goldstone grew up alongside Ollie and said he will “never have the chance to become the man he was meant to be”.

They said Ollie was a son, a brother, an uncle and a friend to them.

In a statement to the police the family said: “Ollie’s death and the horrific way he died has been devastating for our family, he was the youngest sibling and loved very much.

“Ollie was a very smiley, happy, cheeky boy and despite facing challenges due to his autism was well-liked and had a great deal of potential.

The Argus:

Ollie Wells' family have paid their tributes to the youngster who was killed

“He enjoyed many activities including horse-riding, sports and playing his flute, drums and guitar.

“He was also a very keen supporter of Chelsea football club.

“We realise that this terrible crime has had a devastating impact not only upon us, but also upon the lives of another young person and his family, but, ultimately feel that today’s outcome is just and correct.

“We can only hope that somehow some good can come of Ollie’s death, we will never forget him and are so sad he is no longer with us.”

The murder of Ollie Wells caused shock in Newhaven in January, and Hutchinson was arrested by armed police on the same night.

Hutchinson claimed he had acted in self defence, but the jury convicted him on a unanimous verdict on Thursday.

Judge Jeremy Gold QC said we may never know what was the true cause of the “friction” between Hutchinson and Ollie that night, but said Hutchinson had shown an “explosion of anger” that was difficult to understand.

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