A RAILWAY station worker called Elvis Presley has been leaving passengers all shook up with his performances.

In news that will not shock fans, Elvis is in fact alive and well and working as a gate assistant at Brighton Station for Southern Rail.

Part of his duties are to remind passengers that it’s now or never to stick to social distancing, and perhaps to remind those in groups of more than six that they can’t go on [trains] together.

It follows news that Ray Colwell, 59, officially changed his name by deed poll so he could follow that dream to become the rock ‘n’ roll heartthrob.

Elvis said: “All my family know me as Elvis - the only person who still insists on calling me Ray is my sister.

“I became Elvis in 2004. It happened when I was working at the magistrates’ court. My name at the time was Ray.

“We had another Ray in the security team so it used to get very confusing when people would radio through instructions.

“As I was already an Elvis impersonator, a solicitor friend suggested I change my name for real - everyone called me Elvis anyway, and I thought… what a cracking idea.

“He actually paid for me to have it changed legally – so yes – I really am Elvis Presley.

“It’s a story I have to tell a lot especially when I’m signing for parcels.”

Elvis switched from jailhouse rock at the magistrates’ court and has been working at Brighton station.

He received an excellence award from Southern Rail after performing CPR on a passenger who had suffered a heart attack on the platform.

Sadly the patient could not be saved, but his wife sent Elvis a heartfelt thank you letter for his efforts.

Elvis has been greeting passengers at the station since.

He said: “It was a sad situation but because of the way I handled it, Southern offered me a full-time job at the gateline. It was an opportunity I couldn’t have turned down and I’ve been in the role ever since.

“I love working with people and having a good laugh. Even on the busiest days, I have the megaphone and keep people entertained.

“It really helps my mental health being able to meet to so many customers.”

Now his duties also include keeping passengers safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

Anyone who feels their temperature rising ought to self-isolate.

He added: “There’s a lot more people passing through Brighton station again now with pubs and hotels open for business.

“I’m asking customers to keep their distance as much as possible because it really is important.

“We have plenty of hand sanitiser around the station and have also installed a vending machine for face coverings if people haven’t got them – there’s lots around to keep people nice and safe.”