HAVING lived in this country all my life, I am becoming increasingly confused by what is happening in society.

As I understand the position the 2011 Census indicated is that the total population of England and Wales was 56.1 million of which 80.5 per cent was white British.

Add to this that it was my understanding that freedom of expression was a fundamental human right in this country and recognised that the ability to express our opinions and speak freely was essential to bring about changes in society.

Indeed, “human rights” would not have been achieved without free speech.

Against this background, subject to necessary restraints, I would have thought that as one of the 80.5 per cent white British, I might be entitled to express an occasional view on issues concerning the current state of society.

But apparently I would be wrong, because being white, I am likely to be labelled inherently privileged and racist or something worse, if I express a view that does not concur with those to whom I am directing my comments.

In fact, I am not privileged. My mother was born in the East End, her father died when she was three and my grandmother scrimped and scraped raising her.

My father came from a modest background.

Between them they instilled in me a work ethic and an ability to get on with people that has been continued by my family.

With regard to racism. I have worked with and among people of different races and backgrounds, without any trouble.

I have also enjoyed playing sport with and against people of different races and backgrounds.

In the circumstances, labelling me as racist, that is accusing me of being an awful person, is an attack on my integrity and offensive.

Isn’t it time, for everyone to take a deep breath and properly address the issues?

The truth is that much ill will is being promoted by people with a hidden agenda.

The current developments are likely to create division and will achieve nothing but underlying, if not visible, resentment.

I believe that the majority of the 80.5 per cent white British support this view.

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