THESE are the most dangerous roads in Brighton for cycling.

An interactive map shows you where fatal, serious and slight cycling accidents have happened in your area by using the latest police and government data.

Crash Map shows that 772 cycling accidents occurred in Brighton between 2015 to 2019. 

More than 22 per cent of people cycle in the city according to the latest government statistics and that number is only set to rise. 

Brighton and Hove City Council are currently implementing a number of schemes to get more people cycling and to improve the safety of our roads. 

This includes the new temporary and protected cycle lanes on Old Shoreham Road and the A259, as well as the School Streets project which sees roads outside school gates close at drop off and pick up times.

Chair of the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee Amy Heley said: "New temporary cycle lanes are making it easier and safer for cyclists to move around the city.

"We know active travel has the potential to make up a large proportion of every day journeys, but such potential will only be realised if people feel welcome and safe to share the road space and if the infrastructure is provided.

"This is why the council is working hard to expand active travel networks.”

The Argus:

However, director of campaigns for the national cycling charity, Brake, Joshua Harris said: "Two-thirds of adults feel that it is too dangerous to cycle on roads which is unsurprising given the threats cyclists face from fast moving motor traffic and with such limited space for cycling on our roads."

In the centre of the city there were 159 recorded cycling accidents in the five year period between 2014 and 2019. 


One of the main accident blackspots was at the pier roundabout - there were 15 crashes with three of those being 'serious'. 

Another black spot is Edward Street by Brighton Court.

The Argus:

The busy Edward Street is a blackspot for accidents

Steine Gardens, Dorset Street and George Street junctions, with a high concentration of accidents occurring - 30 in five years, six of which were serious. 

Hove is also a hot spot for cycling accidents with 131 being recorded, a high concetration of which occurres on the central Church Road. 

The Argus:

The Tisbury Road junction on to Eaton Road is a blackspot for cycling accidents with seven being recorded, the majority of which were serious and involved more than two vehicles. 

The seafront Kingsway has a low number of incidents, however the A2023 turning recorded four in the last five year period. 

Preston recorded 67 incidents in the area, most of which occurred on Preston Road at the busy interchange. 

The Argus:

Out of fifteen accidents on the busy Preston Road, six were serious. 

An accident blackspot in the popular residential area of Preston is the Dyke Road crossroads by The Drove and Lancing College Prepatory School. 

Five accidents were reported at this crossroads with a two vehicle incident in 2018 that was serious.