THE founders of a creative agency have high hopes for its future after winning an Emmy award for an innovative project with a Netflix comedy show.

Laura-May Coope from Brighton is the co-founder of Social Life, an agency which specialises in social media campaigns for brands and broadcasters.

The company has won an Emmy award for its work on a project with Netflix comedy show Big Mouth to help teenagers going through the trials of puberty.

The Big Mouth Guide to Life is an eight-chapter sex education book which was released on Instagram over a three-month period, to give teenagers advice and emotional support on topics including physical development, consent and mental health.

Laura-May said: “We aim to innovate and reward and The Big Mouth Guide to Life is no exception.

“From sexuality, toxic masculinity and periods to consent and social media addiction – we have provided responsible, inclusive, sensitive, engaging and interactive storytelling for a huge audience.

“Many of the viewers weren’t getting inclusive and modern sex education from schools or colleges.

“We worked with Big Mouth’s unique tone of voice and then released this series to Netflix’s highly engaged social audience.

“As a team we are constantly spearheading new ways to make valuable connections with social audiences.

“This is a prime example of that approach and hard work coming to fruition.”

Big Mouth, an animated coming-of-age sitcom about teenage friends, is now in its third season.

The show was created by writers Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg, who also worked on hit animated comedy Family Guy.

The show is known for its edgy humour and a frankness in its representation of puberty and sex, as well as body positivity.

Social Life were tasked with incorporating Big Mouth’s humour and wit to produce the guide, offering advice and support to teenagers dealing with awkward topics.

Co-founder of Social Life, Alistair Parrington, added: “We never thought when we started our own agency that seven years later we’d be responsible for the birth of an Emmy award-winning company.

“We’re beyond proud of our team and psyched to be a partner to a company like Netflix.

“We’re excited about our future.”

Social Life received the Emmy Award for outstanding derivative interactive programme.

Rob Pierre, chief executive at the Jellyfish Group, which acquired creative agency Social Life last year, said: “I couldn’t be more thrilled for the extremely talented team that worked on this campaign.

“An Emmy Award is such an amazing way for the team to be recognised for their innovation.”

A virtual ceremony was held on Sunday night for the awards, which recognise excellence in the television industry.