THE reopening of Madeira Drive one way will save the council about £1 million a year.

A report handed to city councillors ahead of next week’s key meeting reveals the expected loss of parking revenue generated on the road.

Full closure of Madeira Drive, the scheme implemented since April, has meant an expected monthly loss of income of £108,334, or £1.3 million a year.

However, with its reopening one-way, the monthly loss of revenue is expected to be £27,500 a month, or £330,000 a year.

Other changes across Brighton and Hove will cost the council parking revenue.

The Palace Pier to Fourth Avenue changes will cost the council £326,000 a year.

Old Town will cost £117,000, London Road will cost £47,000, Church Road will cost £32,000 and St James’s Street will cost £22,000.

The total revenue loss with the one-way system at Madeira Drive is £874,000 per year.

This is considerably less than the total cost with sustained closure, which would have been £1,844,000 per year.