A PANTOMIME producer from Sussex made one of the most memorable debuts in the history of the Great British Bake Off after turning Louis Theroux into a cake.

Lottie Bedlow’s edible bust of the TV star will live long in the memory of the show’s many fans and even received his praise on social media.

The 31-year-old from Littlehampton caught viewers' attention from the get-go with an intriguing introduction from presenter Matt Lucas.

The comic said: "Lottie lives in Littlehampton and unwinds from her job as a pantomime producer by listening to Viking metal pop while baking and doing yoga with her friend."

Lottie kicked things off with a rhubarb and custard flavoured battenburg as her signature bake, opting to create a star-shaped pattern from her sponge as opposed to the usual checkerboard design.

The Argus:

The judges said they loved the design, although Paul Hollywood deemed the cake "a little bit messy".

However, Pru Leith lavished the bake with praise saying the colours were "wonderful" and admitting she was "struggling not to eat a bit more" as she was beckoned away from the table.

Her second task, a pineapple upside-down cake as part of the technical challenge, again impressed Pru and Paul, earning her fourth place.

However, it was her final bake, for the showstopper challenge, which was the most spectacular.

The Argus:

Contestants were given the daunting task of creating a "cake bust depicting your personal celebrity hero".

Lottie opted for documentary maker Louis Theroux, crafting his head from coconut and lime flavoured cake.

As she formed her tribute, presenter Noel Fielding gently cajoled her for making something which looked more like a grim reaper "death mask".

He asked Lottie: "Have you ever seen Louis Theroux?"

The Argus:

However, Pru was impressed and said the cake was “very recognisable”.

"That slightly anxious look is very Louis Theroux," she added.

Paul said the cake was "overbaked and very dry" but it was enough to earn Lottie safe passage into the next round of the competition.

The Argus:

And, while she may not have walked away as star baker, Lottie won plenty of fans in her first appearance on the show including Louis Theroux himself.

Writing on Twitter, the TV personality said he was “very excited to be a cake”.

"If only I could eat myself," he added.