THESE are the Sussex schools which have been confirmed as having had coronavirus cases.

Since reopening after the summer holidays, several local schools have confirmed that pupils have been asked to self-isolate.

Here is a full list of schools which are known to have taken precautions as a result of positive tests for coronavirus.

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The Argus:

1. Patcham High School, Brighton

Yesterday, we reported that there had been one confirmed case of Covid-19 at Patcham High School in Brighton. A small number of children who had been in direct, prolonged contact with them have been asked to remain at home.

The Ladies Mile Road site remains open for all children who have not been asked to self-isolate and are not experiencing symptoms.

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The Argus:

2. Coldean Primary School, Brighton

On September 13, two Year 6 classes at Coldean Primary School in Brighton were told to stay home for 14 days after a positive case was confirmed.

The children at the school in Kenwards had been in lessons for only three days before being told that they must self-isolate for two weeks.

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The Argus:

3. Bhasvic, Hove

Ten students at Bhasvic in Brighton are known to have tested positive for coronavirus.

This was reported on Septmber 17.

Six of the cases attended a welcome day at the Hove college and all have been linked to an 18th birthday party in Hangleton.

Parents and carers have been told to have a “serious conversation” with students after concerns about social distancing at Bhasvic’s Dyke Road site.

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The Argus:

4. Cardinal Newman Catholic School, Hove

Students and staff at Cardinal Newman Catholic School in Hove have tested positive for coronavirus.

Three of the student cases have been linked to a house party.

These, the most recent confirmed cases, were reported on September 12.

There have also been two staff cases at the school, with a small number of students told to self-isolate.

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The Argus:

5. Oak Grove College, Worthing

The college confirmed that a member of its community has tested positive for Covid-19.

This was reported on September 18.

The college contacted Public Health England and was asked to advise " everyone within that person's class group to isolate".

A spokeswoman for Oak Grove College said: "We do understand how frustrating this is for all families, staff and students but it's really important that we continue to put the health of all of our community first and follow the guidance given."

She thanked students, family and staff for their "patience and understanding", as well as expressing her gratitude to Public Health England for its "speedy, robust and timely advice".

The spokeswoman continued: "During these times, Oak Grove College remains committed to providing education in the safest way possible and will continue to follow all relevant special school guidance."

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The Argus:

6. Cross in Hand Church of England Primary School, Heathfield

Parents of children at Cross in Hand Church of England Primary School were informed that there had been a "confirmed case of coronavirus within the school".

In an email seen by The Argus, the school states that "the child affected is in the school's Key Stage 1 bubble (Year 1 and Year 2 pupils)".

Parents of children in this group were advised that they and their children should self-isolate until September 25, returning to school the following day.

The message stated: "No children from Years 1 or 2 should be brought on to the site for any reason."

Children in early years classes and Years 3-6 were told to "attend school as planned and as normal".

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The Argus:

7. Vale School, Worthing

The school confirmed it had one coronavirus case within its community.

This was reported on September 18, with all staff and pupils known to be within the child's "bubble" asked to self-isolate immediately.

Headteacher Martin Garratt said: "I can confirm that the school had one positive case confirmed at the start of the school term. 

"The school followed the government's guidelines, the class have all self-isolated for 14 days and the person who had the positive test is well."

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The Argus:

8. Heron Park Primary Academy, Eastbourne

Heron Park Primary Academy in Eastbourne will remain open after a child was confirmed as having Covid-19.

This was reported on September 24.

The child and their family are now self-isolating in line with official government advice.

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