DOZENS of environmental activists took part in a procession to show their support for new cycle lanes.

About 100 people rode through Brighton and Hove in a socially distanced cycle ride on Tuesday evening to coincide with World Car Free Day.

The “bike swarm” event, organised by Extinction Rebellion Brighton and cycle campaign group Bricycles, saw whole families take to the streets on two wheels.

Riders travelled from The Level down to the Old Steine and along Madeira Drive, before heading to the West Pier, where a People’s Assembly was held to discuss ways to make the city safer for cyclists.

There were bike-mounted sound systems and a colourful procession of flag-bearing cycles.

Extinction Rebellion said riders cycled in a socially-distanced way, with participants wearing masks and using hand sanitizer.

Mimi Pellew, spokeswoman for Extinction Rebellion Brighton, said: “The ride was a fun, family-friendly celebration of the new cycle lanes that have been installed in Brighton and Hove.

“It also showed the breadth and depth of support from people of all ages for more active travel infrastructure so people can get around the whole city in a safe, healthy and green way.

“Government data shows that pedestrians and people cycling are twice as likely to be killed or seriously injured in a road traffic accident in Brighton than car drivers.

“Something has gone badly wrong in our city if the healthy, environmentally friendly travel option is also the more dangerous one.

“There’s also no route to reducing pollution, which kills dozens prematurely every year in Brighton, and tackling climate change that doesn’t involve encouraging people out of their cars.

“On top of that, it’s worth noting that, as well as causing premature deaths under normal circumstances, pollution leads to worse outcomes for Covid-19 patients.

“The case for improved, safe cycling and walking infrastructure is overwhelming.”