SHOPPERS are once again panic-buying toilet roll and other supplies following the latest restrictions announced by government.

Supermarkets across Brighton and Hove have been seen with empty shelves, just days after Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a new set of measures to tackle the rising number of coronavirus cases.

Pictures from the Asda superstores in Hollingbury and Brighton Marina showed shelves cleared of non-perishables such as pasta and toilet roll.

In March, panic buying forced supermarkets to put limits on some items, including pasta, anti-bacterial wipes, hand soap and toilet paper.

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However, WEPA UK, the biggest supplier of 100 per cent recycled household paper in the UK, said it has already planned for another wave of panic buying.

In a recent blog post, the company said: “It reminded us that there is an ever-increasing need for supply chain operators to remain reactive and plan for any eventuality.

“We act on this by implementing various fail-safe measures, which we can fall back on should a local or national disruption occur and looking to new technologies that can assist us in this mission.”