THE city will remain under a yellow Covid-19 alert for a second week in a row.

The alert was issued by Brighton and Hove City Council last Wednesday after it recorded the highest number of Covid-19 cases in a single day since the start of the pandemic.

There were a further 47 coronavirus cases confirmed in the city in the seven days leading up to September 17 - down from 59 cases the week before.

However, the council suggested the fall could be linked to residents' difficulty in accessing tests, with some advised to travel as far afield as Cardiff, the Isle of Wight and Leicester to visit testing centres.

A council spokesman said: "Although there has been a fall in the number of confirmed cases in the city, we know many people have found it difficult to get a test during this period, which may affect the numbers of confirmed cases. 

"A new local testing site opened in Brighton and Hove this week and appointments must be booked in advance via the NHS website."

The site was constructed in just five hours at East Brighton Park on Monday with contractors given just 48 hours notice.

It began operating today with queues forming outside the door of the temporary white structure ahead of its 10am opening.

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In an announcement today, the council also expressed concerns that "the most significant rise in new cases is among young people, particularly those aged 16-24" for the second week running.

Alistair Hill, the city's director of public health, has issued a statement advising residents on how to stop the spread of coronavirus.

He said: “Although symptoms are usually mild in young people, we're concerned about onward transmission through families out into the community. Covid-19 is still very dangerous, especially for older or vulnerable people.

“In a pandemic, we can’t all just take our own risk, we need to consider everyone around us.

"For each new confirmed case their family, classmates, teachers, housemates, friends and colleagues must self-isolate for 14 days.

"As well as the anxiety caused by worrying if they have the virus, people who self-isolate cannot go out to work, study, exercise or shop for supplies for two weeks. 

“Living through this pandemic has been hard for everyone and I know we’re all getting tired of the restrictions.

"I want to ask everyone to keep on playing their part in slowing the spread of the virus by following the government’s ‘hands, face, space’ guidelines and observing the ‘rule of six'."

The new alerts, introduced by the council last week, uses a traffic light rating system.

Green is the lowest alert, followed by yellow, amber and then red.

The meanings of each rating are as follows:

  • Green: Confirmed cases are low. People must keep washing their hands, social distancing, wearing face coverings where advised and limiting groups to six people to control the virus.
  • Yellow: Confirmed cases have increased. This is our current level. To slow the virus we all need to step up physical distancing, wear face coverings where advised, limit contact between households and follow the “rule of six”. The authority will highlight groups and settings that are particularly affected so people can make extra efforts to reduce their risk.
  • Amber: Confirmed cases have reached a level of concern. This will mean that we are one step away from the government becoming directly involved. As in the yellow stage, the authority will highlight groups and settings that are particularly affected so people can make extra efforts to reduce their risk.
  • Red: Confirmed cases are at a very high level. The government will now provide the city with targeted advice and support. If the numbers increase they will introduce restrictions and lockdowns in Brighton and Hove.