A YOUNG man has been filmed jumping between city centre rooftops.

Video of the blond man’s alarming antics has appeared online. He is seen leaping from a five-storey building in Brills Lane, Brighton, as Sussex Police officers watch from below.

He lands on a building opposite, joining several other people who are also on the rooftop.

The clip was posted on to TikTok – a social media website where users share short videos – by user josephjamesh.

A warning notice has been put on the clip, which was apparently filmed from a nearby rooftop, which reads: “The action in this video could result in serious injury.”

The Argus:

Credit: josephjamesh

“If he gets it wrong, guess who has to clean up the mess,” wrote one commenter.

Another said: “The day you fall, don’t be asking for medical help.”

Another clip shared to the account shows the same incident, but in slow-motion and taken from the street below.

Other clips on the TikTok account show other incidences of free-running, or parkour, an activity whereby someone traverses a city environment by flipping, spinning and jumping over objects.

In one video, viewed 9.4m times, a man is filmed running along the walls of the Madeira Terrace as a community support officer look on.

“They know they can’t catch us,” the caption reads.

In another, a man is filmed running along the walls of the Hove Hebrew Congregation in Holland Road.