A MAN has gone on trial accused of raping three women and sexually assaulting a fourth.

Sarjo Jatta lured two women back to his flat with offers of help them get home with a lift or to get to the station before launching the sex attacks, Hove Crown Court heard.

For two of the alleged rapes he used the initial chat-up line: “I think we have met before.”

Two women also reported being told not to say anything to make sure the 43-year-old security guard did not get in trouble.

Jatta is accused of two counts of sexual assault by touching, three rapes and one count of false imprisonment.

Jennifer Gray, prosecuting, told the jury Jatta was a “serial sex offender” who has preyed on the four women, who cannot be identified for legal reasons.

She revealed that the first case was reported in 2011.

A teenage woman claimed Jatta had bundled her into a room, pushed her against a wall and groped her.

It followed weeks of unwanted groping, the court heard.

Then in 2015 Ms Gray said a young woman was out in Brighton and remembered dancing with Jatta.

The woman remembered being given a drink by him before she woke up naked in his bed.

She was in a panic, unable to find all her things.

Ms Gray said: “She woke the defendant, who was not of great assistance, and for reasons quite baffling, he offered her Jack Daniel’s [whisky], saying it could somehow make up for last night.”

The woman felt pain in her body and tests revealed Jatta’s DNA.

But despite this, Jatta denied having any sexual contact with her or even being at the same club.

Jatta, of Eldred Avenue, Brighton, is accused of meeting another woman in 2017, using the chat-up line and taking her back to his flat with her friend and one of his own friends.

Ms Gray said the woman was drunk and was pushed down on the bed.

When she told him she did not consent, “he carried on anyway”, the jury was told.

Again, despite Jatta’s DNA being found, he denied any sexual contact.

He is also accused of keeping a woman prisoner in a car when she tried to leave and forcing her to perform a sex act.

His DNA was found on her body, but he denied any sexual contact.

This incident allegedly happened in February

Ms Gray said: “This defendant is either the most unlucky man in the world, for being accused, over a period of nine years of sexual assaults of varying degrees, or, he is a serial sex offender.”

Jatta denies the charges. The trial continues.