A MP’S cat is up for election for the prestigious role of “Purr-Minister”.

Collar, who belongs to Lewes MP Maria Caulfield, is in the running for the award after a nomination from Battersea Cats and Dog’s Home.

MPs and peers will also be putting forward their cats to a public vote for Purr Minister 2020 – the title of the nation’s favourite feline in Westminster.

Ms Caulfield said: “I have always been an animal lover, with cats in particular. I adopted Collar as a stray cat and wanted to give her a loving home.

“Battersea Cats and Dogs Home do fantastic work for animals that are in need of help for whatever reason.

“I think that being a stray, Collar represents exactly what they are all about and I hope that when voting opens to the public people will be able to support Collar to become Purr Minister.”

Each cat-idate has a “manifursto” explaining why they should land the role.

The shortlist of contestants will be announced for a public vote on Thursday.

Collar’s “manifursto” says: “Being a stray and someone who didn’t have a home, I searched high and low to find someone to love me,

look after me and be my servants.

“I was lucky as I found a loving home which already had cats so I have allowed them to look after me.”

Last year’s winner was Alfie, the cat belonging to Anne Clwyd, the former MP for Cynon Valley.