POUNDLAND has come under fire for selling Ouija boards in UK stores.

The "spirit-world game" invites players and the friends to pose their questions to the dead.

While Ouija boards are viewed as a harmless parlor trick by some, many, including the church, regard them as dangerous tools which can trigger psychological harm — or something even more sinister.

And some customers are not impressed the boards are on sale.

One person tweeted: "The last thing we needed in 2020 was poundland to start selling Ouija boards."

The Argus: Poundland is selling its Spirit Board for £1 Poundland is selling its Spirit Board for £1

Another said: "As if this year wasn’t bad enough, Poundland are selling Glass- weegie boards... That’s right, open the gates to hell why don’t ya???"

On Facebook, a picture of the boards has been shared thousands of times, with the caption: "Pound shop are selling Ouija boards... that should finish up 2020 nicely."

One woman commented: "They need to be taken off sale."

Another person agreed, adding: "This is mental they need taking down.

"Most adults don’t even know how to use them correctly never mind kids ffs.

"I have a angel board which is really the same thing & use mine often but i protect myself."

A fellow spiritualist added: "Someone should go in and buy the lot then bin them all save them getting near any kids."

One woman branded them "terrifying", adding: "Don't do it! We were left disturbed as kids!"

But many were tickled by the product, with one mum joking: "My kids don't need this there already possessed demonic little ......"

The Argus: The product is labelled for adults onlyThe product is labelled for adults only

Another added: "Remember no more than 6 spirits at a time."

One man wrote: "I love the way people are thinking little 6 year old Britney is going to cause a zombie apocalypse with their pound shop board with some letters on it ... has everyone gone mental."

Poundland is selling its Spirit Board for £1 under its Creepy Town brand.

Sale of the product is restricted to over 18s and the product is labelled for adults only. 

Poundland said: "Poundland is the home for Halloween and the Spirit Board is part of this year’s extensive Halloween Decoration range.  

“We understand the spirits shook in disbelief when they were told it was only £1.

"Just wait until people see the Voodoo dolls.” 

The history of the Ouija board

The Ouija or spirit board is supposed to give users a method of communicating with the dead.

The flat, wooden surface has letters from A to Z and numbers from 0 to 9. It also has the words "yes" and "no" and, occasionally, "goodbye".

Players are asked to lightly place their fingers on the planchette, a heart-shaped piece of wood or plastic, and ask a question.

The "spirit" is then supposed to move the planchette to spell out its message or answer yes or no.

In reality, scientists believe it is the players unconsciously moving the indicator themselves.

Oujia boards were invented at the height of the spiritualist craze of the 19th century in America. 

It was introduced commercially by businessman Elijah Bond in 1890 where it was considered an innocent parlor game unrelated to the occult.

It was only when American Spiritualist Pearl Curran popularized its use as a divining tool during World War I it was linked to spirits and became very popular in the 1920s.