POLICE were called to a city centre street after reports of a man taking a huge snake for a walk.

The enormous reptile was spotted in Ship Street, Brighton, at about 2.30pm.

Police were called to the scene amid concern for the welfare of the snake, which is thought to be either a reticulated or Burmese python.

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The man is thought to have asked them if they would have stopped to speak to him if he were walking a dog

Officers told him it was "a different situation" and encouraged him to return home with the snake.

Erik Selby, who runs a video production company, couldn't believe his eyes when he spotted the snake, which he estimates was about 12-foot long.

Erik, 30, said: "From the office you could see something was happening - to be fair, a lot happens in Ship Street.

"I came out of the building while I was on my lunch break and someone said, 'there's a snake just down the street'.

"Everyone was looking at something.

The Argus:

"At first I didn't think I could see it, I was looking for a small, little thing.

"I saw the large yellow shape on the floor but glanced over it thinking that couldn't be it - but it turned out it was.

"When you see something like that in a city environment which you are so used to and you usually know what to expect it''s quite surprising, like seeing a celebrity.

"It just seems out of place."

Police officers were seen speaking to the man in possession of the snake.

They escorted him back to his car, which was parked nearby.

The Argus:

The man was then seen to drive away.

Sussex Police said: "Police were called to Ship Street in Brighton at 2.35pm following concern for the welfare of a large snake that was being carried in the street.

"It was reported that the snake had been dropped to the ground and been used for filming, with people being invited to hold it.

"The young man with the snake agreed to return it to his car and was escorted back to his vehicle."