A MODERN take on the classic drive-in cinema experience promises to be a treat for both film buffs and foodies.

At The Drive-In will be at Mile Oak Farm in Mile Oak Road, Portslade, from today until Sunday.

The retro-style drive-in invites passengers of all ages, to sit back and enjoy everything from family favourites to sing-along musicals.

The line-up includes sci-fi classic Back To The Future, Grease, the 90s rom-com Notting Hill and Disney blockbusters Toy Story and Aladdin.

There are also screenings of more recent releases such as 2019’s The Joker and 2018’s A Star Is Born.

Films will be played through LED screens with audio played directly into car radios.

As well as providing entertainment for film lovers, the screenings feature a range of entertainment including “caraoke” and lucky licence plate bingo.

Organisers have also teamed up with award-winning stand-up comedy production Jericho Comedy to enlist big-name comedians such as Lou Sanders, Ahir Shaha, Alex Farrrow and Chelsea Birkby.

With delivery service Just Eat operating on the site, guests will be able to order American-themed food, drink and treats straight to their car.

Organisers say social distancing practices will be in place so everyone who is missing outdoor entertainment can safely enjoy a much-needed escapes.

Organiser Alan Crofton said: “We can’t wait for ticket-holders to experience what we have in store. We know many people across the nation have been eagerly awaiting a chance to experience entertainment in the post-lockdown world and we’ve pulled out all the stops for the ultimate drive-in experience.

“It’s going to be special.”

Tickets are £35 per car, with matinee screenings at 4pm and evening showings 8pm weekly.

An additional noon screening will be available at the weekend.