THE UK's love affair with the Tikka Masala may be coming to an end, as new research during National Curry Week has revealed our taste for hotter curries is increasing year-on-year.

Almost a quarter of the nation admits it now eats hotter curries than when they first started eating Indian food, according to the study by takeaway food delivery app Foodhub for National Curry Week, which takes place between October 5 – 11, 2020.

While 24 per cent of those surveyed are now eating hotter curries than when they first tasted Indian food, 23 per cent eat both hot and mild curries, and seven per cent say they have always eaten hot curries.

A total of 45 per cent have stayed with mild curry like Tikka Masala.

What have Foodhub said?

Foodhub spokesman Wil Chung said: “The last decade has seen the Tikka Masala reign supreme as Britain’s No1 curry but, our research shows that tastes across the nation are changing and the iconic Tikka Masala’s place at No1 looks under serious threat from hotter curries like Rogan Josh, Madras and even Vindaloo.

“So, while the top two spots are currently still milder curries, their position is definitely under threat as Brits look to hotter dishes more regularly with most admitting they are now moving on from those milder favourites of the last decade.”

Brits can’t get enough curry, it seems. The Foodhub data shows that 11 per cent eat curry between three to seven times per week, with a further 22 per cent eating curry at least once a week and only 10 per cent never eating curry.

As a nation, we're starting to eat curry at a much younger age too – with more than one in five people (21 per cent) enjoying their first taste of Indian food before their 10th birthday.

While the nation may no longer be stuck in its ways on choice of curry, the same can’t be said of its choice of curry house – 25 per cent always go to the same Indian takeaway, and 38 per cent alternate between three and three takeaways. 

What is the average cost of a takeaway curry in the UK?

The average cost of a takeaway curry in the UK in 2020 is now £9.19, including rice, according to the latest data.

While much is changing in the curry world, some things remain the same - Pillau rice (45 per cent) is the UK’s favourite curry accompaniment, followed by boiled rice (20 per cent).

Naan bread the UK’s favourite curry sundry (64 per cent), followed by the Chapatti (10 per cent). And 24% per cent of people always order pappadoms and chutney with their curry.

Where are the biggest fans of curry in the UK?

Wil added: "Londoners are, by some distance, the biggest fans of curry in the UK. Londoners eat curry most often – two to three times per week (15 per cent), with those in the North-west second, based on two to three times per week (10 per cent).

"Scotland comes in third (eight per cent eating two to three times per week).

“Londoners also like hot curries the most  - with 23 per cent of them choosing a madras, followed by Wales (20 per cent) and the North-west (19 per cent).

"Those living in London are most likely to move on quickly to hot curries, followed by those in Yorkshire.

“The Welsh are the youngest on average to first try curry (16 years and 1 month).”

FULL LIST: The top 10 favourite UK curries according to the Foodhub data are:

  1. Tikka Masala - 38%
  2. Korma - 33%
  3. Rogan Josh - 20%
  4. Madras - 19%
  5. Jalfrezi - 18%
  6. Vindaloo - 16%
  7. Balti - 15%
  8. Bhuna - 10%
  9. Pasanda - 9%
  10. Dopiaza - 8%