A warning Brighton could face lockdown if Covid cases keep rising came as "no surprise" to city residents - who slammed "complacent" rule flouters.

Director of public health Alistair Hill revealed in the week leading up to October 1 there were 115 confirmed new Covid-19 cases in the city, compared to 39 cases the week before.

He said: “It’s really concerning that the number of cases has more than doubled over the past week. 

"If transmission keeps increasing we risk the Government imposing more restrictions on the city. 

“We all now need to make extra efforts or risk a local lockdown."

We asked readers whether they would be prepared for another national lockdown.

The Argus: Brighton beach pictured during the last national lockdown in MayBrighton beach pictured during the last national lockdown in May

And more than 400 of you responded. Many said it was "likely" to come into effect and some even think there will be announcements made on Monday.

Here is what some of you think...

Tracy Reed wrote: "Everytime lockdown ends there will be a spike because more people will be around. We can’t do this for the rest of lives."

Cath Mattos said: "Happy to comply with a second lockdown, as long as financial support is in place nationally.

"However, if Test and Trace had been put in place and the comprehensive use of masks we would not need to do this."

Diane Gullifer responded: "If everyone took care, the virus would die out - then there wouldn't be the need to lockdown.


"It would be best if we continued to shield and protect the old and vulnerable and let the younger ones get on with running the country - whilst taking care by washing hands, wearing masks and socially distancing so as not to spread the disease."

Natalie Jane wrote: "Enough sectors are already crashing and even the billions set aside for them divided is not even enough to cover overhead costs of businesses.

"What they going to do when everyone can’t work and have lost their homes and businesses. Keep kids at school so parents can work and support those who have to isolate."

Genna Mitchell wrote: "I'm fine to lock down again as I haven't really been 'out' of lockdown that much anyway. I'm very lucky to have a job I can do from my safe home with (mostly) good company.

"I know others that are struggling though so I won't judge those that are against it if it is a choice of feeding their families and they have no or limited financial support."

Mick Kelly said he would not be happy to go into lockdown. He wrote: "No. Herd immunity has arrived as demonstrated by a combination of a lower death toll and more appropriate interventions."

The Argus: In the week leading up to October 1, there were 115 confirmed new Covid-19 cases in BrightonIn the week leading up to October 1, there were 115 confirmed new Covid-19 cases in Brighton

Carina Mosbah said: "Yes I would but is there any point  we did got 3 months and it hasn’t gone. We need to learn to live with this virus. People need to take it seriously and think of others."

Eloise Turner simply said: "No I don't think people's mental health will cope."

Louise Perrin said: "We wouldn't need it if everyone followed the guidelines. People have become complacent now which is helping the spread.

"I work in a cafe/retail environment and every day I am having to remind numerous people to sanitise their hands / put their mask on before they enter.

"I had a lady refuse to sanitise as she was wearing gloves! Yes love , they may protect you from me but what protects me from you! Come on guys - it's not hard - wear a mask, sanitise and keep your distance then we can all get back to business."