ECO WARRIORS have scaled an oil rig to protest against fossil fuels.

The Extinction Rebellion campaigners climbed up the structure at the UK Oil and Gas (UKOG) site at Horse Hill near Gatwick early this morning.

A 32-metre high rig was recently taken to the site.

Extinction Rebellion says the company wants to drill more oil at the site.

But the group fears the long term impact of climate change for future generations.

Two activists held out a banner which read “no more oil” from the rig, and refused to come down from the platform.

The Argus:

Lindsay Parkin, 50, a management consultant from Brighton, and Alistair Sandell, 52, a horticulturalist from Uckfield are the two men who wanted to raise awareness of the issue.

Mr Parkin described the oil drilling as “short sighted stupidity” that will contribute to a “global climate catastrophe.

He said objections to drilling at the site, and letters to Surrey County Council fell on deaf ears and added: “We are here to take direct action to get it highlighted and to get it stopped.”

Mr Sandell: “I am a father with a young family. I work hard full time. Having grown up and lived in this beautiful landscape of hills, streams and woods I was shocked that unconventional oil extraction would be permitted here.

"After years of unsuccessful, polite objection I now feel I have no other choice than to take direct action."

The Argus:

He said he “cannot sit idly by” and said the impact of climate change will have consequences for his children and future generations.

Activists have previously staged demonstrations at the site near Gatwick to oppose oil being extracted there.