POLICE are searching for a teenager who failed to attend court.

Bradley Garrett was due to appear at Lewes Crown Court for a deferred sentence.

The 18-year-old had been given a "last chance" by a judge to clean up his act after being convicted for his role in a racist bottle attack.

Garrett was responsible for smashing a champagne bottle into the face of Korean student Yehsung Kim in Brighton in 2017.

He was given a suspended sentence after he admitted wounding.

The Argus:

Footage from the incident caused outrage - scroll down for video

But before lockdown it was revealed Garrett had not been attending unpaid work or sessions with the probation service.

He was given a chance to show his commitment by Judge Stephen Mooney, who delayed a sentencing to see if the youngster would change his ways.

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Then it was revealed that Garrett had admitted drunk and disorderly behaviour in Leylands Road, Burgess Hill in August.

He was due to appear at Lewes Crown Court for a sentencing hearing on October 2, but did not show up.

Now there is a warrant for his arrest.

The Argus:

Bradley Garrett pictured leaving Lewes Crown Court in 2019

Previously The Argus reported how he was 15 years old when he attacked Mr Kim in North Street, Brighton in October 2017.

He admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm that left Mr Kim needing £2,000 worth of dental treatment.

The Argus:

Student Yehsung Kim was attacked

The incident went viral for the shocking racist abuse spouted by his pal Louis Barrett, who was also jailed over the attack.

The Argus:

Louis Barrett was also jailed

But despite the suspended sentence, Garrett appeared back in court when it was revealed he had only done six hours out of 160 hours of unpaid work imposed in October 2019.

In July, Judge Stephen Mooney warned him he had three months to set an example and get his life back on track.

But just three weeks later, Garrett appeared at Crawley Magistrates’ Court where he was fined £40, with a £34 surcharge and £85 costs for drunken behaviour.

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The judge had told him: “Of all the defendants I have dealt with this year, you have caused me the most irritation and disappointment.

“Do you understand how I would feel if I let you out, then later discovered you had been involved in street violence, and a member of the public was hurt?

“You are becoming an irritant. What you can become is an example of what can be achieved if you are given the chance.”

Garrett, of Pierces Lane, Haywards Heath, is wanted on a warrant to appear before Lewes Crown Court, the police confirmed.

On Friday it is understood he remained at large.