A COSMETIC clinic has seen “phenomenal” growth since lockdown with customers seeking more treatments due to the rise of “Zoom face”.

Jackie Knight, principal practitioner at A New You in Trafalgar Street, Brighton, said she could not believe the increase in demand since the clinic reopened in July.

The aesthetic clinic, which offers a number of surgical and non-surgical treatments including botox, eye bag removal and facelifts, has seen business grow by 200 per cent over the summer.

Jackie said the increase in demand is due to the number of people working remotely and paying more attention to their own faces while on video calls using applications like Zoom and Skype.

She said: “People don’t like the way they see themselves on Zoom as we have all turned to technology instead of face-to-face meetings in these challenging times.

“They have told me things like ‘I’ve seen myself on the camera and I just can’t believe it’.

“When they’ve been on these calls they have noticed things like drooping jowls and have come to us for non-surgical treatments, like the ‘puppet lift’.

“The business growth since the same time last year has just been phenomenal.”

Jackie, who has been working in the aesthetics industry for 26 years, said she had initially been worried about the future of A New You when the clinic was forced to close back in March due to the coronavirus lockdown.

But now she has had to extend the clinic’s opening times to fit in more treatments and demand has showed no signs of slowing down.

Jackie said: “The lockdown was worrying as obviously we’re a luxury business. We were the last to reopen in July and we thought there would be an influx in the first few weeks but it is still going on now.

“Facial treatments have definitely increased and the number of tummy tuck and breast reduction requests have also doubled.

“People have had more time to study their bodies and maybe they’ve spent less during lockdown, so some have spare cash to enhance their looks.”

As well as treatments to remove eye bags and wrinkles, Jackie has also received requests to reverse previous cosmetic treatments from other clinics.

She said: “After seeing themselves on these calls, some women have decided to get their lip fillers dissolved. It’s not just women though – 20 per cent of our clients are men and I’ve seen demand increase in both sexes.

“Everything we do is all about confidence. We just want to make people feel better about themselves.”