VIDEO footage shows the chilling moment a “calculated” killer lied to police during his interview.

Richard Canlin tried to blame another man for the murder of Nicola Stevenson in Lewes.

The 42-year-old struck the Scottish mum-of-two over the head with a hammer at her flat in Stansfield Road, Lewes, in October last year.

Today he was jailed for life for her murder, and will serve a minimum term of 22 years before he can be considered for parole.

Now footage of his police interview, shown to the jury, has been revealed.

The Argus:

Murderer Richard Canlin - scroll down for video

Canlin tried to blame Nicola’s pal John Parish, but police cleared him of any involvement.

That was after Mr Parish was arrested, swabbed for DNA and questioned, despite not seeing Nicola for weeks.

Canlin “switched” from being “shaken” and scared in the interview, to being “articulate” in his lies, Judge Shani Barnes said.

The footage shows officers asking the killer if there is anything he can tell them to help their investigation.

Canlin nods, with his arms crossed as the officer says: “You need to tell me now.”

He replied: “Like I said, Nicola was alive when she left the flat.

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“On the corner there was a man walking up. The only reason I knew who he was is because I recognised his dog, Red, a staffie, with a red collar around his neck.

“I realised who it was when I walked around to go back into the building.”

Canlin then lied about seeing the man attack Nicola. H egestured with his fist and said: “I saw him go like that. I don’t know what it was in his hands.

“At first I saw Nicola go like that, he hit again, and she went like that.”

A hammer was found in a bin near the flats in Stansfield Road. It had Nicola’s blood on it and Canlin’s DNA on the handle.

Her blood was found splattered on the walls and radiator in her bedroom.

Canlin was found living in her flat and had attempted to switch energy bills and the tenancy into his own name.

The Argus:

He also texted friends worrying if a ghost would want “vengeance” for the “lady living there”.

When accused by police during the interview of being the killer, Canlin laughed.

His new home will not be Nicola’s flat, it will be a prison cell.