WELL done to the Albion for sorting out a refund scheme for season ticket holders.

It's very fair and fits in well with the club's commitment to working in the local community.

The club should also be praised for their rejection, together with most other Premier League clubs, of the so-called "Big Picture" proposal put forward by Liverpool and Manchester United. This was a bribe to football league clubs that would have allowed the Premiership to reduce their numbers and eventually set up a European super league.

The Albion and Paul Barber were rightly horrified at this and it was quickly voted down.

We are still left, though, with clubs in the Championship and Divisions 1 & 2 who are at risk of folding unless they receive support from the Premier League. Some finance has been offered but it's not nearly enough. So surely the time has come for Premiership clubs to come to an agreement with the Professional Footballer's Association on a temporary cut to players' wages, the finances from which could help the clubs in the lower leagues. Without these clubs nurturing and developing players, the Premier League would be completely bereft of home-grown talent.

Peter Atkinson

Albion season ticket holder & Councillor for North Portslade