DEVELOPERS are making quick progress on a city centre building site.

Much of the structure of new student flats being built in London Road, Brighton, is now visible as it rises from the former site of a supermarket.

The site was formerly occupied by a building which housed a Co-op and a Boots store and an empty snooker hall.

The shops were shut in September last year and the building was demolished to make way for the new development, which was given planning permission in March 2019.

Boots apologised to customers ahead of the store closure, saying that “despite significant efforts” it had “unfortunately been unable to confirm a new location for this store”.

The Argus:

At the planning meeting which decide the fate of the student flats proposal, eleven councillors voted in favour of the development, none were against and one councillor abstained.

Only minor changes have been made to these plans, which remain largely the same as those outlined in the proposal, planning consultant company Lewis and Co said this week.

The plans outlined a five-storey which included space for 232 student flats as well as shops on the ground floor.

There would no longer be a canopy at the front of the site, as there was at the Co-op and Boots stores.

The Argus:

When it was approved last year then chairwoman of the planning committee, former Labour councillor Julie Cattell, said: “It is a really good building and it is going to make such an impact.

“There are a lot of issues down there. The more better-designed developments we have is going to improve the area.”

Green councillor Phélim Mac Cafferty raised concerns about children living in the building but was assured that there would be no under 18s and it would be managed.

This week, a spokeswoman for Brighton and Hove City Council said the planning permission “allowed student flats with retail units on the ground floor”.

The Argus:

She said: “The permission was subject to various planning conditions, which planning officers are working with the developer to sign off.

“The remaining conditions relate to securing a car free development, providing a noise management plan, a student management plan and solar photovoltaic details.

“And, once the site is occupied, confirming that it confirms with building research establishment environmental assessment methodology (BREEAM) performance standards.”