THE CANCELLATION of the Royal Pavilion's annual ice rink due to coronavirus has been met with anger from readers of The Argus with one claiming Christmas had been ruined by "idiots who won’t wear masks"

One reader said yesterday's announcement was a "real blow" robbing Brighton of a family attraction which brings in funds for local businesses and the economy in general. 

Writing on The Argus' Facebook page, Heather Pullen said: "Such a shame and another indication of how silly this is getting."

Abi Feldwicke said: "So sad, Christmas ruined because idiots who won’t wear masks or social distance have spread the virus."

Ruth Nguyen-Seltzer said: "Just spoil everything! Ice skating is outside?"

The popular festive attraction was expected to open on Friday, November 7.  

But Brighton Museums, the organisation responsible for the Royal Pavilion, have cancelled the event due to Covid-19.  

In the comment section yesterday, one user said "Santa will be cancelled next" for spreading Covid-19 "from chimney to chimney with those filthy reindeer". 

It was also suggested there would be "no carol singing, no family gatherings, no kissing under the mistletoe".