ENVIRONMENTAL activists have expressed their outrage at the government's planning reforms by painting over a billboard.

Members of Extinction Rebellion have transformed advertising hoarding in The Drove, Brighton, which was previously an advert for Channel 4 show Taskmaster.

Campaigners pasted an image of Boris Johnson sat on a throne holding a melting globe, surrounded by rows of identikit houses.

Beside him are the words: “Don’t be taken for a ride. This cowboy government wants to churn out 300,000 carbon-belching houses every year.

"We need homes but they must be affordable, carbon zero and decided on locally.”

The activists, who are calling themselves the Truth Team, are calling on people to respond to the consultation on the government's proposals for planning reforms.

The Planning for the Future white paper sets out proposals to "streamline and modernise" the planning process and "ensure more land is available for development".

The Argus:

Zones would be introduced, allowing automatic permission for developments in certain areas, with no input from local residents.

It will be possible for homes to be built quicker under the proposals, according to Prime Minister Boris Johnson. 

But environmentalists believe the reforms will lead to "hundreds of thousands of poor quality 'slum' homes that spew out carbon emissions and fuel catastrophic climate change". 

One member of the XR 'Truth Team' in Brighton said: "Apart from the lack of any real attempt to address climate change and biodiversity loss, one of the main issues is that there is very little detail about any of the proposals made in the white paper.

“We fear the result will be poor-quality housing with a huge carbon footprint, creating car-dependent commuter towns with no infrastructure such as public transport, schools, shops or parks. 

“This is truly terrible news for the climate, for biodiversity and for the environment.

“Personally, I feel I have no choice but to act. I worry about the future we are leaving for our children.

“I want my son to grow up in a world where people and nature can live in harmony, not where we have created endless rows of cheap housing which contributes to an overheating planet.

“With thought and care affordable housing that meets demand could be designed to be in harmony with our beautiful planet.

“But as usual, the opportunity to make a quick buck is grasped by the greedy at the expense of those with no voice.”

The consultation on the proposals ends on October 29. 

To have your say, visit www.gov.uk/government/consultations/planning-for-the-future.