BLACK Lives Matter campaigners will not hold protests during the winter months due to the risk of spreading Covid-19.

Throughout the summer, thousands joined protest marches as part of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

But organisers and associates say that they have no plans to protest this winter due to the increased risk of spreading Covid-19.

While the movement may not be present on our streets, AFLO the Poet, one of the most prominent voices from this summer’s marches, told The Argus that the Brighton Black Lives Matter organisation are continuing to raise awareness of racism in the UK and abroad.

She said: “Across our social media platforms we are continuing to share information.

“The Brighton Black Lives Matter (BLM) page has been sharing posts about black figures everyone should know about for Black History Month.

“It is a shame that everyone has had to go back inside but again it’s about safety and it’s cold here as well, it’s not necessarily practical to be outside all the time. But this is not the end of Brighton BLM.”

The spoken word artist and poet was asked to speak at each of the marches, which took place in June, July, August and September.

The 28-year-old rhythmic poet reflects on her own experiences of being a woman of colour, as well as issues that are significant to the Black Lives Matter movement, such as the death of George Floyd in the US, which triggered the movement.

She said: “We listen to people talk a lot, particularly over the last few months with listening to experts talking about coronavirus, I think it can get a bit monotonous and predictable. But with poetry, I think you are painting a picture with your words a lot more and people can see and imagine what you are talking about a lot more. Expressing yourself creatively can also be an easier way to talk about more difficult things you might be feeling because you can paint it with metaphors and make it sound like you are talking about something different.”

The PhD student at the University of Sussex is set to perform at the Brighton Dome on Saturday November 10, as part of the Live is Live! series, aimed at protecting and supporting the city’s music scene.

“I’ve spoken at lots of different spoken word events pre-Covid but obviously there hasn’t been much of that going on recently. I will be performing as AFLO and the poets alongside a fellow artist, Khanyisa. There are tickets for the event and there are live streaming tickets available too.”

Tickets can be purchased online from the Brighton Dome website.